Don’t be slave of gadgets, stay healthy

Don’t be slave of gadgets, stay healthy


Besides providing comfort and convenience, the growing technology has caused much damage to human health. The increasing usage of smart phones, computers and wireless connections has not only made us dependent but also caused numerous ill-effects on our overall health. Recent studies revealed that the level of electromagnetic radiations emitted from the smart gadgets and cellular towers is 10 times higher in India, in comparison to any other country.

It is a well-known fact that today’s technology has immensely affected male as well as female fertility. Around 10-12 % of couples in India have been reported to be suffering from some or the other forms of fertility conditions due to radiation exposure.

“Prolonged use of electronic devices can be fatal for the fertility of both genders. Keeping mobile phones in pockets, keeping laptops on laps for a long time also damages the sperm quality and quantity. Such problems arise due to the fact that the heat and radiations emitted are very harmful for the sperm cells in their growth and also damage their morphology.

“The effects of radiation result in DNA damage, reducing the self-repair ability of the cells. When the radiations are drawn to the cells that have the highest division and growth rate like sperm and ovum, it, in turn, hampers fertilisation, thereby preventing conception or leading to miscarriages, said Dr Bakul Kapoor, gynaecologist and IVF expert, Indira IVF Hospital, Ludhiana.

Electronic radiations can contribute to various health ailments ranging from cardiovascular diseases, sleep disturbances and allergic reactions. Heart is one of the vital organs in the human body. It is a well-known fact that radiations from smart phones, computers, I pads and other electronic gadgets can be harmful to the functioning of heart.

“With advancements and digitization, smart phones have now become more of necessity for the people. Keeping cellphones in the upper pocket can be life-threatening for heart. Electromagnetic energy emitted by the cellphones increases reactive oxygen species (oxidation or rust, a common mechanism of a heart disease), weakens cell membranes and alters calcium in cells,” Said Dr SS Sibia, Director, Sibia Medical Center.

Becoming slaves of gadgets may also cost people their eyesight and general health. According to a recent study, unlimited usage of mobile phones and other electronic gadgets can lead to early cataract in lens and also affects important parts of eye such as retina and cornea.

“We are surrounded by the ocean of electromagnetic signals and hundreds of signals are hitting human body every moment. It is affecting our eyes and overall health but we are not paying any attention to it. The dielectric constant (absorption capacity) of eye tissues is around 70 which is far more than unitary, which is 50. This means eye can absorb electromagnetic energy very quickly than other organs. Thus, it is advisable to minimise the use of mobile phones and other gadgets to save your eyesight for the future,” said Dr Mahipal Singh Sachdev, Director, Centre for Sight.

Ill-effects of electronic radiations

  • Fertility: Radiations from electronic devices results in DNA damage and reduction in the self-repairing ability of cells.
  • Heart: It weakens cell membranes and changes the composition of calcium in cells.
  • Eyes: Eyes absorb more electromagnetic energy than any other organ, which can cause numerous eye ailments