Android users can ask for help from Google using #AndroidHelp on Twitter

For novice users, there’s a lot about Android that could be confusing and, as with all tech, things sometimes go wrong too. In an effort to help a few more of its Android users, Google is introducing a new hashtag on Twitter.

Announced today on the official Android Twitter account, #AndroidHelp can now signal Googlers (or a bot, we’re not sure how this will be managed) to assist Android users with questions or problems regarding their device.

At the time of writing, Google hasn’t responded to any questions using this new hashtag despite thousands flooding in immediately. So far, a lot of questions using this hashtag aren’t looking for troubleshooting, but are rather simply asking for Google to tell them when to expect updates to Android 10. That’s to be expected, though.

Only time will tell how useful this new hashtag actually is, but in the meantime, Google’s support pages are a solid library of information for Android users who need some help. Of course, manufacturers such as Samsung, Xiaomi, LG, and others also offer online help for their devices.